• slik.ca

    We created and designed this website with the help of our customer's imagination.

  • cloturesdeverreslik.ca

    We adapted our customer's website to one of his divisions.

  • auq.org

    We integrated the photoshop design to usable html/css/js for our customer.

  • quaisaluminiumhl.com

    Our customer had a vague idea of what he wanted, we worked with him to create a website to his liking.

At orejin, we can provide you with a complete solution or just be part of a solution, you decide.

Work with us

You have an idea but can't put it into fruition? We can help you materialize all your ideas, we will work with you to create exactly what you had in mind. Our inputs are included.

Let us do all the work

You aren't sure what you want? Let us propose designs, you will later be able to adapt these designs your liking. You will still keep all the creative freedom, without all the work.

Give us specific tasks

You need a specific tasks with strict needs? No worry, give us your specs and we will give you exactly what you want. Database, html, css, js, php? Just ask!